Lastest Hair Care Favorites


Hello Beauties!


I have been using these 5 products for several months now and they are my current go-to 's when it comes to my hair routine. I am really loving these products and I use them all on the daily. I'll walk you through how/why I use each one!

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo 

First off let me just say that I use dry shampoo every single day, even when my hair is clean. I have always liked how this product instantly gives my hair life! It gives my hair so much volume just by spraying it a few times on my roots to refresh my hair. (which is why I use it every morning) I love this brand because they have a few different options for dry shampoo. They sell one for brunettes, one for blondes and one that everyone could use if they wanted too. I always buy the dark divine since my roots are a dark brown. It blends in really nice with my hair color and I don't have to worry about having a white overspray of dry shampoo.

2. Ouai Wave Spray 

I use this spray instead of using a hair spray. I normally go for a beach wave look whenever I curl my hair and this product helps gives my hair a weightless effortless chic undone texture and it holds the waves in my hair without leaving a residue. I spray this into my hair after I finish styling my hair. I also really love how it smells, all of the Ouai products smell amazing!

3. Joon Hair Oil

I received this product in a goodie bag at a Blogger event I attended last year and have since been loving this hair oil. This hair oil gives my hair all the moisture and it helps strengthen my color processed hair. I really like that you can use this on wet and dry hair. I normally use this right out of the shower before I blow dry my hair, because it also helps with heat protection. I do also use this after styling my hair, I just rub a pea size of this oil on the ends of my hair and I am good to go. Oh and did I mention this oil is sulfate, parabens, and cruelty-free... seriously the best hair boost!

4. Olaplex Hair Perfector 

Literally MAGIC in a bottle y'all! This at home-treatment has helped me reduce hair breakage. I have had my hair bleached a few times whenever I get my hair colored and this stuff has kept my hair alive. If you haven't hear of Olaplex, it is used by hair colorist all over the world. It's used in hair color to help restore a healthy appearance and texture while coloring you hair. The number 3 hair perfector is meant to be used at home. I use this hair mask once a week, I run this through my hair from roots to ends with a comb before I get in the shower. I usually leave it on for 10-15 mins and then rinse it out but sometimes I even go to bed with in my hair. I have noticed such a big difference in my hair since I started using Olaplex. You all need to try this, if you don't already use it!

5. DryBar Triple Sec 

I use this product on 3rd and 4th sometimes even day 5  hair, and it works great! This spray creates instant fullness, volume, and body and it perfect for those days you don't really feel like messing with your hair. I spray this on my bed head in the mornings and I find that it helps absorb any oils in my hair and extends my blowouts/waves from the days before. It is a great product for all hair types too!


Okay..That's it for now, thank you all for stopping by I hope you enjoyed reading this post.