Casual Valentine's Day Outfit


Outfit Details: 

Top: Layer the Boutique , Jeans: Layer the Boutique , Earrings: Bauble Bar, Shoes: (Similar) Nordstrom Rack

In all seriousness, how many of you are actually heading out for Valentine's Day?

Last year my husband and I actually ended up having to cancel our fancy dinner plans for that day, and we ended up celebrating a little earlier because we spent our Valentine's at the hospital, delivering our twin baby boys! (BEST GIFT EVER!!!)  This year, I feel like our chances of celebrating outside of home are slim to none, as they probably will be for the next couple of years... lol! No worries, I am totally fine with spending that special "LOVE DAY" with my 3 favorite boys! 

Some of you may opt for fancy dinners, but for those of you who will spend that day more casually, this outfit is great for a "movie date"  night with your man. These high- waisted colored denim skinny jeans keep things casual with their hem frayed edge. Also, this top is a new favorite. I love that it is off-the-shoulder, super girly and flirty! I also really like the detail sleeves Valentine's day doesn't have to be all about dressing up. You can easily look stylish and festive in a casual, fun outfit. 

How are you planning on spending your V-day?


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