1 Year Blogiversary!


Today is my ONE year blogiversary! I am so grateful that I decided to create this style diaries on my website a year ago. Since starting my personal life-style and fashion blog I have truly learned so much in just 12 months and I want to share a little bit of that with you all. Fashion and Beauty have always been a huge passion of mine thus a big part of my life. As a freelance Hair and Makeup Artist I love that I get to show off that creative side of myself to my clients and thought why not incorporate a fashion blog on my site... so that is what I did, a year ago today!

I’d first like to say that when I started out I never realized how much time being a blogger was going to take out of my life. It is definitely a 24 hour job and all the props to my fellow bloggers who are able to actually make it their “Real Job!” For me, personally I would say it’s a hobby. Of course I do treat it as a part time job to a certain extent (BEING A FULL TIME TWIN MOM IS EVERYTHING TO ME!) especially since I have now started to make money, and book serval campaigns with different brands. Honestly I just try to spend as much time as I possibly can without completely loosing it LOL! It is way more than just recieving free stuff in the mail. Behind the scenes there is a lot of planning photoshoots/outfits, editing photos, doing emails and staying engaged on all social platforms.

A huge tip for new and really any and every blogger would be to BE CONSISTENT!

Strive to always be consistent with everything!

  • Your posts on Instagram and your Blog posts of course. Your followers will learn the different day and times you post and will look forward to it.

  • Be consistent with your photos as well… Quality is key!

    Another tip, is to BE AUTHENTIC!

    You Do You!

  • Find your own style and go with it. Don’t try to be something your not.

  • Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers

  • Be unique, be your authentic self.

  • Don’t be afraid to post what YOU want -not for the likes, not for the IG validation.


Y’all this is so true and not only on the internet but in real life!

I have learned that the messages you send through your photos and your captions truly brings in a crowd that matches that energy. Ask yourself what your purpose is for your business page and shift your perspective if you need to. I put positive energy into my page because thats who I am. I try to always uplift others and share things that are in my heart. If some people aren’t for you, thats okay too. You don’t need that negative energy! Instead of getting caught up in who’s following you, stay motivated and focused on creating genuine content. Engaging with others is another great tip, make friends whether they are near or far.

Women supporting women is where it’s at!

Of course I would like to end this post with a huge THANK YOU!

Thank you for your support, your encouragement and for reading, I am so grateful for my sweet family and friends who have encouraged and believed in me.

I am thankful for the community of people I have been able to connect with and the sweetest friends I have made through blogging. I am blessed to have had such great opportunities so far and can’t wait for what the future holds. Through my blogging journey I hope to inspire anyone out there to take the risk and do whatever it is your heart desires, regardless of what other people may think of you!

Thanks again for following along and cheers to more adventures!



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